7 female mistakes to made in bed

In the bed, you can single out the errors that are based on the technique itself. For example. relationships between partners may be stable, emotions and feelings rage, while the process of sex itself be still uninteresting. The technique helps to fix that.

The top women mistakes in bed

Here are the tops women mistakes that can make the sex uninteresting or totally kill the joy:

•    Bites and scratches. Contrary to popular belief, not every man craves to be scratched and bitten. He suffers until he reaches orgasm, but will remain dissatisfied with his injuries on the body

•    Artificial orgasm. A man, of course, will be pleased if a woman reaches orgasm. However, if he realizes that a woman has imitated an orgasm, then he can give up the relationship with her

•    Ear terror. If one partner prefers to remain silent and the other to talk, this can ruin their relationship

•    Comparisons and error indications. A woman may never see her partner around if suddenly she starts comparing him with other men or discussing the mistakes he makes. If something is not pleasant, then it is better to offer to do something else, but not to talk about in which the man turned out to be imperfect

•    Not sexy lingerie. The process of sex itself can be broken only because the woman has put on not sexy lingerie. Such clothes can be worn on a daily basis. If you want to impress your partner, it is better to wear something more elegant, clean and transparent

•    Blackmail. A woman can spoil sex with her partner with asking to do something in return for sex

•    Hiding your body. A man wants to admire the female body. If a woman is constantly afraid of everything and shy, then a man will soon get tired of her.

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