Facebook is going to fight offensive memes with the help of AI

It is a known fact that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms existing and there is a lot of information going through it on a daily basis. Even though there are lots of moderators involved they can’t possibly get through every picture that is why Facebook started working on AI to help them deal with the issue of offensive memes.

The system is called Rosetta, and it is going to learn to recognize text and then figure out whether it is offensive or not. Of course, programs like Rosetta are nothing special but Facebook merely is bound to introduce it due to the amount of information going through it on a daily basis and as we all know not all of the information is inoffensive.

However, filtration of offensive memes is not going to be the sole purpose of the system as it would be a waste of resources on account of Facebook founders. That is why it is said that it is going to figure out what is interesting for individual users and then posting it on the newsfeed.

Facebook, despite being the most significant platform is known for its moderation issues. That is why such an amount of attention is given to the system, and it is stated that multiple languages are going to be used so that there will be not a single chance of offensive content getting to the users.