Facial Recognition Technology: The Impact on Online Casino Industry

In the modern world, technology is developing at a very fast pace and the world is changing with it. The online gambling industry has rapidly grown into one of the biggest online markets. Over the course of its existence, there have been multiple changes, most of which were connected to the innovations and new technologies. It led to more complex and attractive games with amazing graphics and animation, beautiful sound effects, and extra features.

The horizon of new possibilities seems groundbreaking. From now on, the developers will work not at improving the picture or sound but on more exciting things. For instance, on creating the virtual online casino people will be able to visit with the help of VR or AR headsets. They’ll work on controlling the games via gestures, etc. Today, we’ll discuss such impressive technology as face recognition and the ways it’ll change online casinos forever.

First of all, you’ve probably come across this technology already. It’s relatively new but most modern smartphones and tablets have this feature. You can use it to unlock your device, access passwords or verify the online payments. Now it’s time this technology was implemented in online casinos like https://australiacasinoonline.com/.

The benefits of facial recognition

First of all, it’s clear that this technology recognizes the faces. How can online casinos take advantage of it? One of the ways is to use innovation to find scammers and frauds. The casino will secure themselves and improve their reputation in front of honest gamblers.

In addition, the technology allows for the 3D cameras and scanners to create a virtual video image of the user. This image can be used as an avatar for various games. The users will dive into gambling or online gaming using their virtual copies. What’s more, the technology allows adjusting the facial expressions. It is sure to create an illusion of going to a real land-based casino.

The leader in this industry is Intel and its RealSense 3D camera. It also helps to recognize gestures and control things with them. This can be implemented in education, health, marketing industries as well as gaming and gambling. For instance, you’ll be able to spin the slot machine with the corresponding gesture as well as play roulette and other games.