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World nuclear projects

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Nuclear power energy produced 13% of total energies world production (World Bank, 2010), more than 2.346 billion kW per hour. Thirty countries have any production of this kind of energy and 18 are building or planning at least one. In the following map we show the installed nuclear generation capacity


We can notice that United States, France, Russia and Japan are those countries with major capacity, but those with more percentage production are France, Ukraine, Slovakia and Slovenia.
After the 2011 Fukushima accident, concern regarding the security of nuclear reactor was called into question, countries like Germany decided to gradually stop nuclear generation. However, 66 reactors are being built, and 162 are planned to be constructed in the following years. (World Nuclear Association, 2013)

TPE France has worked in three of the "In-progress" reactors construction, specifically in the third generation of EPR in Taishan China, Olkiluoto Finland and Flamanville France accumulating a very important experience in plant design, piping, civil works and general installation resulting in the satisfaction to our clients. 


Sources: (World Nuclear Association, 2013)(World Bank, 2010)

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