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    Wednesday, 21 August 2013
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Working on revamping Floating Production Units

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In spite of this recoil, global consumptions projections remain positive estimating a raise of 40% from here until 2035 and in Europe up to 13% in a scenario of higher energy source prices, especially in oil (US Energy Information Administration, 2011)

With this panorama, productivity improvements keep playing a very important role for world power supply, and investments in this sector have not stopped.  In France, the top1 company Total, invested in 2012 40% more compared to 2010 expecting efforts in this direction to remain, particularly in Africa which is still its largest source region in oil and gas production: 713/2300 Kboe/d and  geographically a natural provider for a source or energy not common in most parts of the continent.  (Total, 2012)



The Moho Nord is a very important project for Total who is developing in The Republic of Congo this installation that will be adding 140 Kboe/d to the company production sum. Tebodin Peters Engineering France is involved in this project serving Technip in its plan to revamp one special floating production unit (FPU) needed for this offshore site.

Works have concentrated in the calculation and design of topsides which are large steel structures installed over the FPU coke with a weight over 1.500 tons. The plan is to create modular installations units enabling the process to have less and an easier work while constructing over the Atlantic Ocean enhancing cost and time efficiency.

 The idea is each time to design lighter structures with a lower center of gravity giving to the FPU a better stability for ensuring operations offshore. All buildings in the oil and gas sectors have extraordinary securing systems so every single detail plays represent a critical element for the conception of plans, for instance our time takes care also of sea conditions, wind speed, natural phenomena reactions and fatigue behavior.

The goal is to have the best revamping process possible so that in 2015, expected time to start, the FPU would give better cost-production rates in adaptation to French Energy needs with the actual and future market conditions


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