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Tebodin Peters Engineering has been using laser scanning technology for more than a decade in its plant design. As an experienced and competent services provider, Tebodin Peters Engineering is a founding member of the Industry
Task Force on Laser Scanning and Virtual Reality.
We can offer you a highly efficient team that also uses the Neo3D software we developed in-house alongside the commercially available tools to create virtual plants from the recorded data.
Laser scanning is increasingly gaining in importance, especially in the areas of planning refurbishment and upgrades for existing plants. The current configuration of a plant is recorded completely, precisely and without physical contact.
The data are subsequently converted along with all further available information, like, for example, pipeline isometrics und equipment drawings, into a complete 3D model.
A further area of application for laser scanning is as-built documentation. We use our Neo3D software to carry out a comparison between the 3D planning model and the assembly situation we have scanned. This allows deviations in the location, size or completeness of the assembled plant from the plant design to be identified precisely. For quality documentation, assembly deviations and any rework required, if applicable, can be documented directly in the 3D model. Thus the 3D planning model can be updated into an as-built model with minimum time and effort.