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Plant design using PDMS

Tebodin Peters Engineering uses the globally recognized PDMS 3D engineering software for the planning, construction and maintenance of complex and technologically most challenging projects in the oil, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the energy sector.
Using PDMS, our planning teams can represent all plant components like apparatus, pipelines, steel and concrete structures, etc. intelligently with a database in the background. Various disciplines can work in parallel, irrespective of location.
While work is in progress, numerous tools ensure constant updating and distribution as well as collision-free final designs.
Our clients receive a virtual insight into their construction projects at an early stage. Thus change requests can be taken into account directly in the planning phase.
The benefits of PDMS at a glance:
(Excerpt from the original manufacturer’s data with kind permission of AVEVA)

Optimum productivity

  • Shortest possible project times
  • Optimum project quality
  • Straightforward reutilization of designs
  • Efficiency of workflow, material and resource management

Early profitability

  • Efficient and incremental handover of EPC
  • Speedy commissioning into production

Affordable upgrading of old plant and equipment

  • Data capture of as-built plant for digital information management
  • Prioritization, planning and implementation of upgrade projects

Integrity of operating information

  • Comprehensive access to information and extensive information management to support operational processes
  • Efficient maintenance planning and implementation
  • Effective optimization and improvement of plant and machinery
  • Effective monitoring of compliance with statutory requirements
  • Scheduled downtimes kept to a minimum
  • Fast recommissioning after unscheduled downtimes