Microsoft confirmed that there is a ZIP bug in December updates for Windows

We already know about many bugs that were found in Windows 10 December updates. It’s time to learn about a new problem connected with ZIP files. So, when you want to do something with a ZIP archive, it is better to wait for the additional update with fixes for this bug.

If you open a ZIP archive and try to copy files from it to any other folder without unpacking, you should look if there are any files with the same names in that folder. For example, if there is already a file named image.jpg in the folder, and you try to copy another image.jpg file from a ZIP archive to this folder, there will be no any prompt and it will be overwritten silently. If you haven’t noticed files with the same names, you may lose data.

Until the release of fixes, you can solve this problem by unpacking a ZIP archive every time before moving or copying its files to other folders. It can take more time but may save your data, especially if it’s needed for work or has big meaning for you.

If you have already become a victim of this bug, you may still recover the overwritten files. To do that, read the tips of Microsoft on recovering the deleted data. There are also special programs that help to recover files even if they were deleted from the Recycle bin.