Nintendo discloses the release date of Dr. Mario World for iOS and Android

A trailer of the mobile version of Dr. Mario World is already available to gamers. The release date for iOS and Android devices has been disclosed too.  

For the first time, Nintendo spoke about the game back in February. However, only now gamers were finally shown what the developers were preparing. It’s a good thing for fans of the Mario universe that the game world of this version will be nearly the same as the authentic stuff of 1990. Gamers will still have to arrange the pills near the viruses to match the color to eliminate the disease.

Nevertheless, the classic formula will be extended by bonuses, which can be purchased in the game store. Additionally, gamers can get new personages. Aside from the already familiar plumber, they can get familiar with Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. Every doctor possesses unique skills that will help to fight viruses.

July 10 is the released date of the game for IOS and Android devices.