Strained struggle between Palestine and Israel for part of the territory is getting toughened

The Palestinian President said that they no longer intend to conclude peace treaties with Israel as well as to comply with the previous convention.

This statement was made after an emergency meeting was held about the fact that Israel destroyed the illegally constructed buildings on the edge of Jerusalem. The agreements that were signed between Palestine and Israel in the last 25 years cover completely different areas of activity, including the security agreement of both parties.

Unfortunately, Israel does not give answers yet and does not comment on this situation.

According to Mahmoud Abbas, another committee will soon be formed to solve this problem.

After the demolition of too close to the West Bank built constructions in the city of Wadi Hummus, conflict and tensions are increasing between the warring countries.

On this occasion, people who are hostile against Israel organized an international protest, as a result of which 17 people turned out to be homeless.

President Abbas has accused Israel of violating the agreements. It is known that earlier Abbas threatened to revoke all agreements with Israel, but this did not happen.

For its part, Israel declared that the rejection of all earlier agreements could lead to the loss of the Palestinian Authority.