The Best Android Antivirus Apps in 2018

Thousands of users become the victims of mobile viruses every day. If your device is attacked by malware, you may lose your data or need to reinstall the Android system. To avoid it, you should install a good Android antivirus and use it all the time when going online.

Avast Mobile Security, except for finding and deleting viruses, also brings you extra features. It can block unwanted calls, work as the firewall for your device connections, and has the remote wipe. However, if you don’t pay for the full version, you may see ads.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a small app that will protect your device from viruses. It is a lightweight program and doesn’t influence the work of your system much. However, if you want to scan for malware and delete it, you will need to schedule these scans.

AVL is also lightweight and gives your device the protection it needs. It doesn’t overuse system resources so it is compatible even with cheap devices that are not much powerful. It has the feature that let you block calls.

Don’t try to install these or another antivirus at the same time. There may be conflicts so you need to uninstall previous apps before downloading others. You can try different programs to see which of them brings you the best protection from viruses.