The Best Media Players in 2018

Standard media players are not much cozy for users so they are looking for the software with more functionality. You can download and install different modern media players that bring you a lot of interesting features. Here you can learn about the most popular and useful programs for audio and video playback.

VLC Media Player is known as the flexible and customizable media player. You don’t have to pay for it, the installation file has a small size, and it is very simple. It helps you to play media files from any sources and also supports 360-degree videos. If you need to convert files or expand the functionality by using plugins, you can do it with VLC too.

The Kodi player is helpful for people who need to organize their media files and stream them in their home networks. It is not only good for media streaming but also can be extended by using plugins and can be used as the PVR. Top RWBY Wallpapers at website.

If you need the advanced file management, you may consider using MediaMonkey. It provides the simple file management and automatic tagging of your media. This player also helps you to stream the media files and sync them with mobile devices.

If you don’t want to install extra codes to play your files, you can try GOM Player. It also supports popular 360-degree videos.