Tips for beginners: How to choose the first electric guitar

First, decide on the price and brand range. For the initial level, it is quite realistic to find a good electric guitar in the range of $200–$400. Guitars from popular brands can cost about $1,000 and more.

If you prefer heavy styles of rock music, then you definitely need to choose an electric guitar with humbuckers, if you play something more melodic – take a guitar with singles. If you are still undecided, you can try guitars with two humbuckers and one single or with one humbucker and two singles.

Guitar design is no less significant factor when choosing an electric guitar. Just keep in mind that the more the guitar pleases the eye, the more often you will want to play it. Do not regret the money spent and that the most important thing is to improve your skills. Therefore, even the shape and color are important indicators and do not neglect this when you choose an electric guitar for yourself.

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