Apps for Wireless File Transfer

Most of the Android phones support file transferring to PC via the cable. However, many users don’t like to use cables and look for the ways of the wireless file transition. There are a few programs that help you send your files between devices directly via the WiFi network.

Droid Transfer. This is a simple app with the friendly navigation. It gives you the possibility of wireless and fast file transfer. It also works with different data types, including images or videos. The used storage space is almost unlimited.

You can also use cloud services, like Google Drive. To use it, you need only a Google account and the installed Google Drive application from the Play Market. You just save files to your drive and download them to your device when you need them. Data types are limited, and if you need to store a big amount of data, you may need to pay for additional storage.

Another fast way to send files is via Bluetooth. To use it, you need to make sure that your computer and device support this technology because many of the modern devices don’t have the Bluetooth by default. It also doesn’t require WiFi so you can use it in places with no wireless connection. It can transfer limited data types and the storage space is almost unlimited.