Make Windows 10 Similar to Windows 7

People from all over the world are using the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft. However, many users still have Windows 7 installed on their devices. They like it and don’t want to pay more for the 10 version. However, support of the Windows 10 is running out and most of the Microsoft users will need to change their system if they want to stay updated.

If you like Windows 7 more than the latest version, you can configure Windows 10 to be similar to the 7 version. There are a few tricks and apps that can change the visual style of the operating system and make working on your device more convenient for you.

Begin with changing the style of your Start menu. To do it, download Classic Shell and install it to your PC. You can also download Classic Explorer and IE during the process. Then you need to open the Classic Start menu settings and check the settings that you prefer.

If you don’t like modern features like Cortana or Search box, you can hide them from the taskbar. To do it, just right click on the search box, open Cortana menu, and select Hidden.

You can also add traditional Windows 7 Wallpapers. To do it, you just need to find them online and save as an image to your device. Then, right click on the desktop and select Personalize. Select the Background, use the file you just downloaded.