Problems with Charging new iPhones

The Apple company has recently presented its latest devices to the public. However, they are not perfect and users have already found a few bugs in software and hardware. For example, many customers report about bad charging of their devices while asleep.

As the users say, they plug their iPhones in, wait until the screen turns off, and then their devices are not charging. Phones see the cable but don’t draw any power from it. To charge your device, you need to turn on the screen each time when the iPhone goes to sleep mode.

This bug was found in XS and XR versions of iPhone. It seems that it reproduces only with wired charging and don’t affect wireless chargers. Not all users report about such problems so most of the XS and XR users can charge their devices normally.

Specialists say that this bug may be connected with the Restricted mode used for the safety of customers. It seems that it reproduces only with the iOS 12 so if you don’t use this version, you will probably not have any problems with wired charging.

If you find any of these problems on your device, it is better to report them immediately to the Apple support. It will help developers to see the meaning of this problem, find a way to solve it, and provide you with the fix in the later updates.