The Best Budget Smartphones of 2018

Companies keep producing more powerful and expensive devices but not all customers want to buy them. Many people are oriented to the budget segment of smartphones. These devices are usually cheaper but their quality still lets you use them as needed.

By the results of the research, Moto G5 is the best choice if you need to buy a cheap smartphone. Specific parts of this devices are created of metal and it has a good crisp HD display. However, it doesn’t have an NFC support.

If you are focused on the powerful battery and a big screen, you should take a look at Moto E5 Plus. It looks like a device from the premium segment and has a very big battery. However, it works very slow sometimes and other people may notice that it belongs to the budget segment.

Moto E4 Plus also offers you a big battery so you will not need to charge your device often. It also has a fingerprint scanner so it will be easier for you to unlock the screen. However, its hardware is not very powerful and it has an Iffy camera.

Nokia 6 was released in 2017 but you can still buy it if you need. Its advantages are the premium style and fingerprint scanner that brings you more security. But you should know that this device takes more time to charge and its battery is not very big.

Honor 9 Lite also brings you a good quality for the low price. It has the premium style and the big full HD display. But you may leave fingerprints on its glass and its camera is not very powerful.