Windows 10 Fast Shortcuts

To open programs or run specific actions, users tend to open the Start menu and spend many seconds or even minutes looking for what they need to run. You can make this process easier and run commands just in a few seconds by using shortcuts. Windows 10 supports all of these features.

When somebody may be watching your PC, you can quickly hide or display the opened windows. It is like minimizing all the opened dialogs but takes just a moment. To do it, press the Win+D combination, it works for hiding or displaying windows.

If you often go to your settings, you don’t need to open the Start menu every time for it. Press the Win+I combination, it will open the Settings menu where you can find everything needed for you.

If you are going to watch or move any files, you can also quickly run the Windows Explorer by using the shortcut. Press Win+E to do it.

If you like playing games, there is also a combination for opening the game bar. It is much useful because it helps you to open the game bar when the game is running. To do it, use the Win+G combination.

If you need to see your desktop for a few moments, you can press Win+Comma. This is an unusual combination and not many users still know about it.

If you need to run any command, you can use the Win+R shortcut for it. To search for a specific program or a command, apply the Win+S combination. To run any program pinned to the taskbar, use the Win key with the number of this app.